Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Trending Tuesday Morning Shuffle - Which One Am I? Mix

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On we go.  As you know, if you read E2TG on any sort of regular basis, I make a concerted effort not to be a (fill in the blank) music blog.  While, I frequently feature singer-songwriter/folk/Americana style music - I regularly cover about every kind of genre imaginable and few you might not have imagined. My rule is if I like it, I write about, and I have a diverse pallet of music I like.

Anyway, I think this Trending Tuesday shuffle is bear that out.

"Demon Seed/Demon Flower" by The Membranes

Off the bat, we have some post-punk from the legendary British band The Membranes off of their recent album What Nature Gives... Nature Takes Away. The band formed in the 1980s out of the punk/DIY scenes and developed their own dark style of music. I am really digging this new music.

"I'm the Smile (Reprise)" by Charlie Roth

Next up, we have the reprise of the title track from the new album by Minnesota based singer-songwriter Charlie Roth. As I mentioned before, the album was recorded in Austin, Texas with a who's who of Texas musicians backing Roth on his eighth studio album.  This is a really sweet song. 

"Small Time Blues" by Howie D.

As I said at the beginning, E2TG is dedicated to presenting all kinds of music. This is not the first kid's album we have featured.  Just this year, we have featured Tom Mason's kid friendly pirate album and an album by noted Knoxville children's songwriter/performer Sean McCollough.  However, this does stand as the the first kid's album (or album in general) by a member of Backstreet Boys. I will admit to being skeptical at first as to whether or not this album would fit into the (albeit wide) net of E2TG, however, upon listening, I dig it.  This first listen is dedicated to vertically challenged folks. It sounds great and it has great humor.  The album is called Which One Am I? (which we will get to in a second).  The album is out as of Friday.

"Mary Alice" by David G. Smith

David G. Smith's Who Cares will not be out until August. The Nashville singer-songwriters album was produced by the late Blue Miller (one of Miler's last works) and the album is dedicated to him.  We have featured Smith's music before, and he is an excellent writer who is a fine human being who makes giving back an integral part of his brand (I hate that word but it seemed to fit in this context). 

"Which One Am I?" by Howie D.

Next up, we have the title track from that new album by Howie D. It is a very funny self-deprecating song about the relatively nature of fame - (Howie D. was not in that band with Justin Timberlake or in the one that sang in Spanish).  I am very glad I downloaded this album. 

"Anyway I Found You" by Bill Bloomer

We seem to be going back and forth between boy band members and somewhat grizzled singer-songwriters.  Call it my "brand" - I guess. Next up, we have another track from the forthcoming Bounty album by a true E2TG favorite - Bill Bloomer. I have already told parts of Bloomer's story - an American Expatriate who rode rodeo, lived in a Buddhist monastery  and who now lives in France when not criss-crossing his native land playing his songs. Bounty is a great albun, and I can't wait for you to hear it all. 

"Ginger" by Mark Cline Bates

To my knowledge Mark Cline Bates was never in a boy band - so I guess that pattern is broken. What he is is a great songwriter who has made a wonderful album called King of Crows.  The album was recorded in Bate's home state of West Virginia - where Bates has returned after time spent in Los Angeles and Nashville. The album was produced by none other than Don Dixon - who co-produced R.E.M.'s early albums with Mitch Easter and whose resume reads like a list of my favorite artists and bands. The song is a heartbreakingly  true to life story about growing older in America. 

"Check Out to Cash" by Silver Lake 66

Next up, we move from West Virginia to Portland, Oregon with another track from Ragged Heart by the duo Silver Lake 66.  I have totally fallen in love with this album - great songs and a wonderful sound.  This song came out on my way home the other day, and it hit me pretty hard.

"Educated Guesses" by Justin Peter Kinkel-Schuster

We close things out with our first listen to Take Heart, Take Care - the new album by Justin Peter Kinkel-Schuster (Water Liars, Marie/Lepanto).  We covered Marie/Lepanto last year.  I got to check out this album a couple of weeks ago, and I knew right away I wanted to have this music in my shuffle.  The album will be out August 30.  Kinkel-Schuster's voice is one that makes you really feel the often poignant lyrics. 


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