Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Trending Tuesday Morning Shuffle - Sunshine Soul Mix

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  *Note: The video playlist at the bottom of the post attempts to closely approximate the shuffle I listened to on my way to work this morning. When a video for a song was not available, I substituted another song by the same artist. When I could not find any videos by an artist, I included a related video or did not include a video for that track. This blog may reference unreleased tracks, however, no unreleased music is ever included.

I hope you will catch the final three weeks of the E2TG Residency if you are able.  It will mean a lot to me and to the artists.

The E2TG 8th Anniversary is underway - Next Show October 2!

September 25 - Week 1: Ben Arthur + Conrad y Skordalia (SUCCESS!)

October 2 - Week 2: Ryan Sobb + Don Gallardo (Album Release Show)  


October 9 - Week 3: The Truehearts + Jason Erie (TOMORROW!)

October 16 - Week 4:  Josh Gray  + Meghan Hayes

October 23 - Week 5: Microwave Mountain + The Big Dumb

Time is short and a ton of songs to get to  - let's shuffle!

"I'll See You At Home" by Joy Cleaner

First up, we have the first of three tracks in today's shuffle from You're So Jaded - the forthcoming (November 8) new album from New Jersey based indie band Joy Cleaner.  I am really digging the sound of this band. 

"The Unmaster" by Dizraeli

Two more tracks including the title track from UK artist Dizaeli.  The shuffle has been hitting this album hard, and I am happy about that.  We still have eleven track to feature from the album. 

"So Much For The Quiet Car" by Joy Cleaner

2nd Track from Joy Cleaner. 

"Mothers" by Ben Arthur

Some political commentary that is really not so much political as it is human.  Really loved having Ben Arthur here in Nashville, he was very entertaining. This is from his album Perspective which will be out next month I think. 

"High Time" by Grand Canyon

I believe this is our last track to feature from Yesterday's News by Grand Canyon.  This is a wonderful album. 

"She's the Only Woman" by Randy Lewis Brown

Next, we have another track from Red Crow by singer-songwriter Randy Lewis Brown.  I have really been digging this album. 

"Rene" by David J

Missive To An Angel From The Halls of Infamy and Allure will be out in ten days.  Excited to get to preview this new music from a founding member of Bauhaus and Love and Rockets. 

"Show Some Love" by Dizraeli

2nd track of the day from Dizraeli - The Unmaster. 

"Soulshine Love" by The Gerbils

Next up, another track from the reisssue of Are You Sleepy? by lo-fuzz pop pioneers - The Gerbils which is out on the legendary Elephant 6 label. 

"La Serenata De Peluquero" by Trond Svendsen and Tuxedo

Next, we have the first of two Norwegian artists in a row. First up, another track from Smalltown Stories.  Great sounding song. 

"Bitter/Sweet" by Anders Dahlberg

Next up, another Norwegian artist - from Street Serenade. Once again, huge thanks to Rune from Dust of Daylight from bringing this music to my attention.

"Bad Advice" by Joy Cleaner

Next, track number 3 of the day from You're So Jaded. Really great to have this wonderful original indie music in the shuffle. 

"Some Dreams Do" by Amy Speace

And we close with a track from the incredible Me And The Ghost of Charlemagne from East Nashville singer-songwriter Amy Speace.  A great way to close out the shuffle! 


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