Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Trending Tuesday Morning Shuffle - Daylight Waves Mix

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  *Note: The video playlist at the bottom of the post attempts to closely approximate the shuffle I listened to on my way to work this morning. When a video for a song was not available, I substituted another song by the same artist. When I could not find any videos by an artist, I included a related video or did not include a video for that track. This blog may reference unreleased tracks, however, no unreleased music is ever included.

The E2TG 8th Anniversary is underway - Next Show October 2!

September 25 - Week 1: Ben Arthur + Conrad y Skordalia (SUCCESS!)

October 2 - Week 2: Ryan Sobb + Don Gallardo (Album Release Show)  


October 9 - Week 3: The Truehearts + Jason Erie

October 16 - Week 4:  Josh Gray  + Meghan Hayes

October 23 - Week 5: Microwave Mountain + The Big Dumb

Tomorrow night! I hope you will join us at The 5 Spot at 6pm for Week 2 of the E2TG Residency.  Sets from Ryan Sobb and his band and a special album release show from Don Gallardo and How Far West with special guest Lilly Winwood! 

In replacing my phone, I didn't lose any of the songs for my shuffle, but I did lose my "New Music/Features/Trending" playlist- so I had to try to recreate it. Don't quite done, but I think we have a pretty good list. Let's go!

"Daylight Came (II)" by Dizraeli

We start things off with another track from The Unmaster by UK based alternative hip-hop artist Dizraeli. His music is often hard to classify which is fine by me, but regardless of what you call it, it is original and interesting and pretty darn awesome. 

"Waves Break" by K Michelle Dubois

It is officially autumn, but summer is hanging on tight, and so it is not out of place that we have this summer single from Atlanta based artist K. Michelle Dubois.  We covered her Harness album last year. She has a new album in the works, and this first taste was released earlier in the summer.  Great stuff.

"I Can Hear the River" by Trond Svendsen and Tuxedo

I got two Norwegian CDs during Americana Fest from my friend Rune who runs the Norwegian blog Dust of Daylight.  We have already featured the first of those CDs, and today we have two tracks from the second. Smalltown Stories is the name of the album, and it sounds fantastic. The Norwegians know and love folk/roots/Americana/country music, and it turns out they also make some pretty great music in those realms. 

"Ted Doesn't Mind" by The Gerbils

Next up, we have a track from the reissue of the debut album by Elephant 6 band The Gerbils.  Elephant 6 has recently reissued this album, and it sounds fantastic!

"Repeat Offender" by Rude Audio

Next up, we have another track from South London based band that combines live instrumentation and backup singers with digital and analog electronic equipment. Street Light Interference is their latest release. 

"Fuel My Fire" by Trond Svendsen and Tuxedo

This second track from Smalltown Stories just blew me away. There is a ethereal quality that really connected with me. 

"Life Life" by WesdaRuler

Next up, we have another track from Ocean Drive from Athens., Georgia based WesdaRuler. Following in the fine tradition of Southern hip-hop.  Wes was a beat maker who started adding his own raps to his beats. 

"Grandpas Old Guitar" by Nick Nace

Next up, we have another track from the forthcoming Wrestling with the Mystery by Nashville based singer-songwriter Nick Nace. The album was produced by Jon Latham. And this album is the highly anticipated follow-up to his Candiana Americana release.  

"Take Her By the Hand" by Josh Gray

We close with Josh Gray from his album Songs of the Highway - one of my favorite albums of the year. Josh will be part of the E2TG Residency on October 16 when he joins Meghan Hayes for Week 4.  


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