Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Wild Wednesday Morning Shuffle - Slow Learner Mix (C Sharp Remix)

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  *Note: The video playlist at the bottom of the post attempts to closely approximate the shuffle I listened to on my way to work this morning. When a video for a song was not available, I substituted another song by the same artist. When I could not find any videos by an artist, I included a related video or did not include a video for that track. This blog may reference unreleased tracks, however, no unreleased music is ever included.

The E2TG 8th Anniversary Residency wraps up tonight!

September 25 - Week 1: Ben Arthur + Conrad y Skordalia (SUCCESS!)

October 2 - Week 2: Ryan Sobb + Don Gallardo (Album Release Show)  

October 9 - Week 3: The Truehearts + Jason Erie (SUCCESS!)

October 16 - Week 4:  Josh Gray  + Meghan Hayes (SUCCESS!)

October 23 - Week 5: Microwave Mountain + The Big Dumb (TODAY!!!!)

This is it!  The E2TG 8th Anniversary will wrap up its 5 week run at The 5 Spot with performances by The Big Dumb and Microwave Mountain. I am so stoked for this show.  The Big Dumb, you may recall, are the reigning E2TG Band of the Year, and Microwave Mountain are one of the best bands working in Nashville.

I took an unexpected day off yesterday, so for today's Wild Wednesday shuffle - we are going to pull from the "New Music" playlist.  Don't worry, it is pretty wild as it is.

"Ballad in C Sharp" by The Lilliston Effect

First off, we have our first listen and the first of two tracks in today's shuffle from The Funky Turducken - the debut album by Nashville based The Lilliston Effect.  This is some great blues, rhythm and blues, and soul influenced instrumentals.  The band is led by Jean-Paul (or J.P.) Lilliston, who we first met playing guitar with our old friend Joe Nolan. Keep an eye on for The Lilliston Effect playing around town.  

"Slow Learner" by Hafdis Huld

Next up, we have the first of two tracks from Variations - the covers album by Icelandic aritst Hafdis Huld which we have been featuring.  This is a cover of a song by Boo Hewerdine of the UK band The Bible.  There is a Nashville connection here - actually two.  The song was previously covered by The Nashville Bluegrass Band, and it was co-written by Hewerdine and Tom Littlefield (who some - like me- know from the 80s band The Questionnaires.)

"Rude Alert" by Rude Audio

Next up, a Rude Alert from Rude Audio off their latest - Street Light Interference.  This guys are way cool. Check them out.  

"Sky is Blue" by Jeff Mix and the Songhearts

Next, we have another from Lost Vegas Hiway.  Happy to have Jeff Mix and company here in Nashville these days. We met them at the Magnolia Roads American Roots Hoedown IV - last spring which was right around the time they relocated to Music City. 

"Crumbs" by Bonsai Universe

Here at E2TG, we love music that pushes boundaries and music that is hard to classify. I would put Bonsai Universe in both of those categories. Too Many Ghosts is the new album.  Bonsai Universe is the project of Woody Aplanap who has recently been touring with Kamasi Washington - after having toured with an impressive list of top notch musicians. 

"The Mole" by The Lilliston Effect

Our second track from The Lilliston Effect.  I always love having great instrumentals in the shuffle. 

"One Tall Pig" by Ring Ring Rouge

Next up, we have one more from Talking in Installments - the latest from UK band Ring Ring Rouge. Even though, I keep screwing up their name - it is Rouge not Rogue, I really do dig this album. 

"After She Gave Me the Sea" by Dizraeli
The Unmaster has 21 tracks on it - so even though we have been featuring this album fairly regularly for a number of weeks, we still have eight more tracks to feature. This the penultimate track on the album. 

"The Swimming Song" by Hafdis Huld

Next up, we have another track from Variations and coincidentally, this song also has a Nashville connection.  It is a cover of the Loudon Wainwright III song from his Attempted Mustache album - which was recorded in Nashville and which features one of the famous Edgehill polar bears on the cover. I used to drive by those bears almost every day. 

"Clementine" by Flying Buffaloes

Finally, we close things out with a track from Loaded and Rollin' by Nashville's own Flying Buffaloes.  One of my favorite albums of the year, and I was happy to be able to attend their album release show at The 5 Spot a while back. 


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